From boats to buses and planes to plants: here’s what’s happening in the hydrogen space at Linde.

Europe’s most powerful HRS for trucks

Designed, built and supplied by Linde Engineering for Austrian food retailer MPREIS.

Carbon Capture with SLB  

Linde & SLB to collaborate on CCUS projects across industrial and energy sectors. 

Increasing green H2 production in US

Linde to build its largest PEM electrolyzer to date in Niagara Falls, New York. 

Linde @ Gastech 2022

Kate Macfarlane talks about Linde’ and hydrogen's role in driving the energy transition.

Linde @ Gastech 2022

Andreas Opfermann, Executive VP Clean Energy on how Linde is helping customers decarbonize.

Linde @ Gastech 2022

Jürgen Nowicki, CEO Linde Engineering on the versatility of H2 in hard-to-abate sectors.

H2 opportunities in Malaysia

Linde hosts MITI Malaysia to share best practice and explore collaboration in clean hydrogen. 

Linde to build a 35MW PEM electrolyzer 

The Proton Exchange Membrane electrolyzer will produce green H2 in Niagara Falls, New York. 

World's first HRS for passenger trains

The H2 refueling system in Bremervörde, Germany will refuel 14 emissions free H2 trains.

Decarbonization in Singapore

Linde and SLNG join forces to explore first-of-kind CO2 liquefaction and storage facility (gasworld link)

MoU: Airbus H2 Hubs at airports

Airbus & Linde to work on the development of hydrogen infrastructure at airports worldwide.

MoU: Linde to help UAE reach Net Zero  

Linde and the UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure to develop H2 projects. 

SalalaH2: Green ammonia in Oman

Joint development agreement to explore green H2 and green ammonia production.

Fuel-switching in manufacturing 

BOC UK & Ireland sole supplier of H2 for a fuel-switching trial at Unilever facility, UK.

World's largest PEM electrolyzer

Linde to build, own and operate 24MW Proton Exchange Membrane electrolyzer for green H2.

World-scale H2 facility, Texas

New infrastructure enables Linde to provide customers with reliable long-term supply.

Green H2 for trucks

Linde joins H2Accelerate collaboration to support the scale-up of the hydrogen truck market.

MoU: H2 supply for data centers

Linde joins forces to tackle the decarbonization of data centers using hydrogen.

Linde’s Hydrogen Pledge

Linde to triple the amount of clean hydrogen produced through low-carbon technologies.

New H2 extraction technology

World’s first plant for extracting blended H2 from natural gas pipelines using membrane technology.

MoU with Shell and Nordcraft

Linde in partnership for the production and distribution of green hydrogen in northern Norway.

MoU with Foton Mobility

BOC South Pacific, a Linde company is accelerating H2 bus development in Australia and New Zealand.

New H2 production facility 

Linde to supply H2 and steam as part of long-term agreement with BASF.

Interview: Andreas Opfermann 

Linde’s Executive VP Clean Energy discusses Linde's role in the transition to the H2 economy.

Supplying world's first H2 ferry

Linde to supply liquid hydrogen and related infrastructure to the world's first operational hydrogen-powered ferry. 

Aviation H2 hub in Singapore

Linde to jointly study solutions to support hydrogen-powered aircraft and airport operations.

HRS opens in Venice

Linde supplies its custom-developed, patented ionic compressor for fueling cars, buses and trucks.