Our H2 Technologies


Innovating for a cleaner future

Our innovative technologies, including the efficient compression and safe refueling of hydrogen, coupled with decades of experience and unrivaled infrastructure, make us well suited to take an active role and support in the transition to clean energy.

Electrolyzers powered with renewable energy are driving green hydrogen production. Read more about Linde's expertise in the special technologies that make it happen.

Highly efficient and fast fueling concepts for cars, trucks, trains, forklifts and buses. Worldwide leader in installed H2 refueling stations.

Linde offers proven CCUS technologies for a range of strategies and is part of numerous R&D alliances to leverage government funding.

Innovative delivery solutions for injecting Hinto existing natural gas pipelines to serve a wide range of end-point applications. 

Linde has decades of experience in the construction of hydrogen liquefaction systems to produce LH2 (liquid hydrogen) for ease of storage and transportation.

Experienced partner in the development of energy parks. Operating the first commercial high-purity H2 cavern for over a decade.