Why Linde


Accelerating the clean energy transition

As one of the world’s leading industrial gases and engineering companies, Linde covers the full spectrum of the hydrogen value chain. We can help customers and industry stakeholders navigate through the complexities of the transition to a zero-carbon economy. Our engineers work with customers in identifying their path to zero emissions and provide support to design, build and operate that project, every step of the way. Our expertise today comes from a pioneering past and a visionary future.

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Our hydrogen heritage

Working in cooperation with the chemists Adolph Frank and Nikodem Caro, Carl von Linde developed a method for producing hydrogen in the early 20th century, known as the Linde-Frank-Caro process. A few years later, a trial plant was built. Linde worked alongside his son Richard to refine the process in a specially erected corrugated iron hut in Höllriegelskreuth, Germany. Carl and Richard Linde successfully obtained hydrogen with a purity of 98 percent, thus laying the groundwork for what has since developed into a flourishing hydrogen business.

A history in hydrogen stretching back to the times of Carl von Linde himself.

Our clean energy strategy

Clean hydrogen is a cornerstone of our clean energy strategy. Hydrogen has been one of our fastest growing molecules for the past 10 years, and today we generate around USD 3 billion of global revenue through hydrogen.

According to the Hydrogen Council report - Hydrogen Insights 2022 - 680 large-scale hydrogen project proposals have been announced, totaling US$240 billion in direct investment between now and 2030 – an increase of 50% since November 2021.


Driven by sustainability: Hydrogen is the cornerstone of our clean energy strategy.

We are well-positioned to maintain a leading position with our many decades of expertise in producing, processing, storing and distributing hydrogen.

To continue our growth, we will use our integrated asset network, execute locally driven and focused strategies and continue to advance and grow our technology leadership across the value chain. In addition, we are actively identifying and developing collaborations to accelerate opportunities.